Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Lunar Chronicles: Coloring Book

Just wanted to let you guys know about this aaamazing book that is coming out on December 6th :D The Lunar Chronicles is becoming a coloring book. EEE. I am the most excited :D I cannot wait to see how awesome they all will look. <3 Fingers crossed for a Cinder and Kai kiss in there somewhere, hih ;) Either way, I'm super excited. I shall buy at least two copies. Maybe three. I don't color yet, lol, but I'm going to start one day soonish. I need one that I shall never color in too. And ahh. I'm just so excited. I love these books so much. And I adore Marissa. And gosh. This coloring book is going to be amazing. Plus, that cover is so gorgeous :D I love. You can download a preview page of it here. <3 Will you buy this one? :D

Enter the world of Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles, the #1 New York Times-Bestselling Series!

People, places, and scenes from Marissa Meyer's bestselling and beloved intergalactic adventure come to life in this enchanting coloring book.

On sale December 6, 2016!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

In My Mailbox #256

This week I managed to read three books. I'm happy about that :D And I'm going to start something else today too. So yay :) I have had a sort of good week. Not feeling very good. Ugh. But doing my best. I got some gooorgeous mail this week, eee. Pretty books for trade. <3 Sigh. So happy. I also bought myself the one Frozen lego I was missing, but forgot to take a picture of it. Hmph. Just finished building that one, which is always fun. I blogged a bunch this week. I posted my review of Nemesis. <3 Then I posted my The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart :D This week I'm waiting on Wires and Nerve. <3 I posted some gooorgeous Autumn pictures of my girl :D Then I shared my review of The Forgetting. <3 My newest Book Collection is books by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black :D I'm feeling a bit sad about some things, but mostly I'm happy :) Just waiting for the last day of January, when I travel for one week to Chicago :D Eee. It shall be the very best. I'm so excited. And waiting for Christmas too :) I need time to move faster.

The Golden Compass. Part two of the graphic novels :D So pretty. I must read these versions soonish. <3
Metaltown. I didn't love this book, but it is so pretty, that I couldn't help but buy it. I adore Kristen, though.
Witch's Pyre + Firewalker. I loved book one. I must finish this trilogy :D They are just so pretty. Love them.
All the Missing Girls. Ahh! Thank you so much for trading with me Shannon :D You are the sweetest.
The Forgetting + Dream Strider. Ahh! Thank you Brianna :D You are the best. So excited about these.
The Girl From Everywhere + The Cresswell Plot + Yesternight. EEE! I am so happy about these :D Thank you so much Becky. <3 You are the bestest. My Cat collection is complete :D Excited about the other two.
Zootopia. Ah, this calender is so cute. I love it. I love this movie. And I need everything from it, haha :)
Pixar Movies. I still didn't have these on blu-ray, and now I finally do. I do love these movies very much :)
Pokemon Go Plus. Eee! I am so excited about having bought this :D Just need to be able to try it for real.

More Instagram photos here. <3

Friday, September 23, 2016

Book Collection #30

30th week of my new Book Collection posts. I will be doing this every Friday. And I am loving it. I own so many amazing books, and I love that I get to share my collection of many of them. I will be posting all my collections randomly, but I love them all. I hope you will all enjoy these posts of mine. Would love to know if you have any collections like mine; if you own and love these books too. Let me know. I love my books.

This series is so so amazing. I adored the first two books the very most. Eee. Though I have yet to read book three, The Bronze Key. Ack. But I will be doing so very soon. And I'm so excited to read it. This middle grade series will be five books. And I cannot wait to get the rest of them. I simply love my huge collection of these books so much. Eee. I have them all. Most likely. Pretty sure there were only ARCs of the first two books, and now I have them both, and that just makes me so happy. One day I'm hoping to get some of these books personalized to me. Anyway. I adore these two authors. They are both amazing. Also. I should mention that my full Cassie collection is huge. Sharing that one day, I think. I adore them.

Review: The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron

I'm so happy with this book. Eee. I had such high hopes for it, despite not really knowing anything about it, lol. And I'm thrilled to say that this book was perfection. I'm so glad that I loved it. I just loved everything about it. Sigh. I wish that it had been a little bit longer, because I always want more, but I loved the ending.

The writing in this book was just gorgeous. I have only read one book by this author before, Rook, which I also adored. But this one I loved so much. Eee. I think I must now read her two earlier books too. And gosh, I cannot wait to read what she writes next. I just. Gah. I really hope that there might be a sequel to this one.

Because I would read that in a heartbeat. The Forgetting was such an incredible book. And I shall never forget it. I hope, lol. I know that I will re-read it, though. Because this book was simply amazing. There are amazing characters. The story is so exciting. The romance was the sweetest. There is no love triangle of any kind. There was no stupid drama. Gosh. It was just everything I wanted it to be. I do wish there had been a few more kisses, hih, but I did love the romance. It was so sweet and just amazing. This book is pretty dark at times, which was awesome. It is full of surprises. Which I loved very much. A few things I had guessed, but most were a total surprise. Which was just all kinds of fun. I just really loved the story in this one. At all times. So good.

I'm not sure how to describe this book. But I shall try, without sharing spoilers, because some things you should not know before starting the book. The Forgetting is told from the point of view of Nadia. Whom I adored the most. She's such an amazing girl. She lives with her mom and her younger and older sisters. I adored her twelve year old sister so much. Eee. She was adorable. Her older sister not so much, though, lol. But I think I grew to like her too. She was just mean at first. Hmph. But also interesting to read about.

Nadia lives in a town with walls. They are always inside the walls, going outside is forbidden, because it's dangerous. I felt like they lived in simple ways, so it felt like the book was set way back in time. But gosh, I loved reading about how they all lived. It was such an interesting town. Though the council was not very nice at all. Hmph. Though not that bad either, not until later. There is just so much to know. So many secrets that needs to come out. And it was all the most exciting to read about. I loved this book so much.

The thing about this town is that every twelve years they all forget every single thing about their life. It's like they start a new one every twelve years. It's been like this forever. No one remembers anything. Except for Nadia. She remembers everything that happened before the Forgetting. And it is not nice things she remembers at all. Shudders. This town was pretty awful. The people were pretty awful too. Hmph. But Nadia was the best. Fierce and loving. Shy and sweet. I simply adored getting to know her.

What I also really loved about this town is how everyone is carrying a book everywhere. Their own book, where they write down everything that happens to them each day. So that when they forget everything about themselves, they can read their book to know who they were, despite never remembering any of it again. Ack. Yeah. The story in this book was pretty heartbreaking, to be honest. But I loved every single moment of it. The story was so unique and interesting with the people forgetting so often. And different.

Nadia hasn't talked much to anyone for the last twelve years. But then she starts seeing Gray. They start hanging out, and she talks to him so much, and he finds out just about all her secrets right away, which I really loved, lol. Though she wasn't ready at first for a relationship. And so she and Gray are friends for weeks first, before anything happen. And sigh. I loved reading about their friendship. I loved how it got to be more than that, how they fell for each other. These two were simply the most amazing. Eee. Cutest.

I'm not going to say too much about this book. Because I don't want to spoil anything. And because it is so difficult sometimes to talk about books that I love so much. Which I did with this one. There are so many mysteries in this book. They were all so exciting. Yet most of the secrets were awful. Hmph. Yet I couldn't help but love it all. So much bad happens in this book. A lot of people get hurt. Yet this book is also so happy at times and gaaah. I loved it so much. I really want a sequel to it. I very much need it.

The Forgetting was everything I wished it to be. The romance was stunning. The plot was so exciting. And the writing was gorgeous. Sigh. I'm so glad I read this book right now. The story about Nadia and Gray was so so amazing. And I want more. So much more. The ending was so exciting, and good, and heartbreaking, and I loved it the most. But still want more, lol. I would suggest that you all read this book. Right away. It's so gorgeous and so much fun and so evil. The boy and the girl was the best. Go read it.


Thursday, September 22, 2016


Today I just had to share a few autumn pictures that I took of my gorgeous cat. She is now more than three and a half years old. She's a Silver Shaded Persian girl. Named Anastasia, though I never use any name for her, lol. I share a bunch of pictures of her on my Instagram, as she is just the cutest thing. Sigh. I adore my girl the most. She isn't very cuddly, though. Aw. But she isn't mean, so forced cuddling still happens, haha :D Anyway. A few days ago I took her outside to take some autumn photos, as the trees are now starting to get bare already. Sobs. But yeah. I managed to take a whole bunch of pictures of her, eee. So sharing some of them here :D Do you have a cat or any other animals? Is it fall yet for you? :)